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RE: qolqoS?

Steven Boozer ( writes:
>> qolqoS: (n) core, essense, heart [John Colicos portrayed Kor in
>>   several Star Trek episodes]
>> I can't find {qolqoS} in TKD or KGT, and it's not in the KLI "New
>> Canonical Words List" </tlh/newwords.html>. Can
>> someone point to a canon source for this word?

>>> It was given by Marc Okrand at qep'a' wa'maH loSDIch: 
>>> /tlhIngan-Hol/2007/August/msg00021.html 

Two participants of the qep'a' relate:

"qep'a'Daq <nuq 'oS?>, ghel 'anghal.  "When I told you that it would be a small qep'a', you wrote that that was okay, at least the {qolqoS} would be there.  It seems to mean 'fanatical core'."  jangchu'be' Okrand, jatlh, "Perhaps not necessarily fanatical," 'ach SIbI' John Colicos ghov 'op.  Kor Da.  QIjtaHbe' Okrand, mon neH." (Qov 8/02/2007) 

"QIjtaHqu' ghaH.  latlh mughmeH mu' chup: 'essence'."  (ghunchu'wI' 8/03/07)

lay'tel SIvten:
>I googled "qolqoS", and this is the first result:

qu'!  This is the first time I've seen this online Wiki Klingon Dictionary {wIqImu'ghom}: 

It appears to be maintained by Jonathan Webley: 

Dojqu' 'oH.  Jonathan, naDev jabbI'IdghomvamDaq bIjeS'a'?  

Canon Master of the Klingons

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