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Re: reH ru'Ha' pagh. chut 'oH

Brent Kesler ( [KLI Member]

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 7:59 PM, Terrence Donnelly
<> wrote:
> Pretty good, at first glance.
> Also, {vaj} implies a consequence, but here I think you just want the sequence of time, or {ghIq}.

Thanks. I've been making that mistake a lot lately.

    reH ru'Ha' pagh. chut 'oH
    HeghnIS yIn, yInnIS Hegh
    rInDI' yIn, rInDI' Hegh
    ghIq paghmo' belqu' Hoch

> I don't understand {-DI'} working the way you've done here. I always took it to mean "as soon as", while I think you want it to say "after", for which I'd use {-ta'DI'}.

I think {-DI'} includes {-ta'DI'} in this case. {-ta'DI'} is a little
more emphatic about when, but I think both are accurate. And I wanted
each line to be six syllables {{{;-)


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