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Re: reH ru'Ha' pagh. chut 'oH

Terrence Donnelly ( [KLI Member]

Pretty good, at first glance.

--- On Thu, 5/21/09, Brent Kesler <> wrote:

> Hello, all,
> I'd like to share a (loose) translation I've been
> working on. It's a
> passage from the Lotus Sutra. It figures prominantly in
> "Samurai
> Executioner", a manga I like.
> tlhIngan Hol:
>    reH ru'Ha' pagh. chut 'oH
>    HeghnIS yIn, yInnIS Hegh
>    rInDI' yIn, rInDI' Hegh
>    vaj paghmo' belqu' Hoch
> Original:
>     All things are impermanent.
>     This is the law of life and extinction.
>     When both life and extinction perish,
>     Nirvana will be bliss.
> I tried to be a little creative based on my understanding
> the passage.
> I might need  to explain some of my decisions, but I'd
> like to see
> what people think first.

I don't understand {-DI'} working the way you've done here. I always took it to mean "as soon as", while I think you want it to say "after", for which I'd use {-ta'DI'}.  Also, {vaj} implies a consequence, but here I think you just want the sequence of time, or {ghIq}.


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