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reH ru'Ha' pagh. chut 'oH

Brent Kesler ( [KLI Member]

Hello, all,

I'd like to share a (loose) translation I've been working on. It's a
passage from the Lotus Sutra. It figures prominantly in "Samurai
Executioner", a manga I like.

tlhIngan Hol:
   reH ru'Ha' pagh. chut 'oH
   HeghnIS yIn, yInnIS Hegh
   rInDI' yIn, rInDI' Hegh
   vaj paghmo' belqu' Hoch

    All things are impermanent.
    This is the law of life and extinction.
    When both life and extinction perish,
    Nirvana will be bliss.

I tried to be a little creative based on my understanding the passage.
I might need  to explain some of my decisions, but I'd like to see
what people think first.


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