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Re: recent boing boing post and Unicode

nahqun (

I beleave pojwI' for Windows will convert a romanized thIngan Hol document into pIqaD.

I'd buy them.


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From:"Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen" <>
Sent:Sat 5/16/09  14:38
Subj:recent boing boing post and Unicode

I find myself wondering what would be the impact on the Unicode debate
if the KLI started publishing books entirely in pIqaD.
It would require an algorithm for converting Roman two- and three-letter
combinations to a corresponding single character (e.g., gh, tlh), which
would not be too difficult.

Also, I'd have to rework the kerning on the pIqaD typeface, something
that I've been meaning to do for years, and that would require some real
time and effort.

Still, it would be a beautiful thing to hold a small, hardbound book set
entirely in pIqaD in one's hand...

Perhaps a topic that will get kicked around further in a few months  
at the


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