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Re: Alternatives to Code2000 PUA Klingon Font

Michael Everson (

On 29 Jun 2009, at 05:09, qa'vaj wrote:

> I apologize that there are issues.

It's OK. A lot of older fonts have such issues.

> I don't have Windows booted, but I'm pretty sure that just browsing  
> the font displays only boxes for me too.  However, they work fine in  
> Word.  You have to have a keyboard installed that can insert the PUA  
> codes when you type, though.  I think qurgh has made one available  
> for pre-Vista machines (and maybe for Vista as well now).

I'm pretty sure it should work if the headers and postscript names are  
whipped into compliance.

> As for the header, fix any way you like.  The only license issue is  
> that 10(?) of the glyphs in HaSta reproduce the Skybox glyphs.

If you drew them yourself and did not use their font you are fine.

> Everything else I created and is public domain.

Public domain licence then.

What shall I put for the designer? qa'vaj? Your terrestrial name? Have  
you a website?

> 'Klinz' is a reference to words from the 'other' Klingon language (I  
> don't have the references, I think created by someone named Ford for  
> a novel). There's no relationship to the font, just it's the 'other'  
> font in Lawrence's orthography paper.

Not sure which "paper" that is... Klinzai and Klinzhai are two full  
spellings for that, along with Klingonaase.

Michael Everson *

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