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{'Iv} and {law'}/{puS}

Mark J. Reed ( [KLI Member]

Spun off Mr. Everson's North Wind and Sun translation thread, does
this work for a certain zippy retort from that Other space opera?

'Iv Dogh law' 'Iv Dogh puS: qoH ghap qoHvam tlha'bogh qoH'e' ?

And if not, how can one ask such "Who is more X?" type questions?  I
might recast it like this:

Dev qoH.  tlha' latlh.  Doghqu' 'Iv?

But the sense of direct comparison seems to be lost in translation.

(I didn't mark this KLBC as I'm not exactly a beginner, though my Hol
may be a tad rusty and I certainly welcome the input of the KLBG....
I'm interested in everyone's opinions, canon support for same, etc.)

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