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RE: [KLBC?] word order and sentence in General.

DloraH ( [Hol po'wI']

> > Hoch jajmey rur DaHjaj. jIcheghbej, yIHonQo'
> > Today is like any other day, I'll be back. without a doubt.
> and I would likely have added {'e'} before {yIHonQo'}, but it 
> seems okay to
> me as it is. It's definitely fine in an extemporaneous 
> context, where you're
> not putting significant effort into perfecting every syllable.

To me [jIcheghbej 'e' yIHonQo'] would be "Don't doubt that I will be back."  The emphasis is on the
"Don't doubt."
[jIcheghbej, yIHonQo'] would be "I'll be back, (Oh and by the way) don't doubt it."  The emphasis is
on the "I'll be back" and the "don't doubt it" adds to that emphasis.


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