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Re: Klingon orthography

Michael Everson (

Data integrity as I use it is not only making sure that the bits in a  
document don't get screwed up (as when a global uppercasing or  
lowercasing filter is applied) but also to ensure that there is  
reliability in terms of the behaviour of characters in various modes  
of processing. If DIFFERENT characters without a canonical equivalence  
were used for [q] and [qx], reliability in terms of sorting and  
searching can be guaranteed. Canonical equivalence can and will crop  
up as a an impediment of one kind or another. Others have mentioned it  
already. It can only get worse as Unicode implementations progress.  
It's unnecessary and avoidable.

I've had a lot of good feedback -- not as much as I might like about  
what's legible and what's not in the samples I've given. I'm going to  
prepare something over the next few days which, I trust, will be seen  
as a positive contribution.

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