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Re: Klingon orthography

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

DloraH wrote:

>>>>> Your examples are full of untypeable characters, and a few
>>>>>  unprintable ones.
>>>> I typed nearly all of them with the Irish Extended keyboard
>>>> that ships with Mac OS X.
>>> Ah!  I don't have an Irish Extanded keyboard.
>> It is not hardware. My hardware keyboard is the Apple standard UK
>>  keyboard (same as the Apple standard US keyboard except for two
>> small differences irrelevant here). If you are running Mac OS X the
>> Irish Extended keyboard (software keyboard driver) is in there.
> The "option" label is hardware.  I didn't know about that key.  Is it
> next to the "any" key?

There is a lot of information on computer keyboards on Wikipedia for the 
genuinely interested:

>>> Some of your characters didn't show up on my computer.
>> One would have to ask what computer it is, and what operating 
>> system. Not "showing up" means most likely that you don't have a
>> font installed that covers them.
> But on some computers, like if I read my mail at work or in a hotel
> lobby, I can not install some other font.  What ever system we use
> would need to work with the "default" install.

This is a good point. While a system administrator may honor a request 
to install Chinese, Russian, or even Maori support, few will take a 
request for Klingon support seriously.


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