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Re: Klingon orthography (was: Okrand at qep'a')

Michael Everson (

On 24 Jun 2009, at 13:32, DloraH wrote:

> I am aware of that.  I currently have the drivers for Maori and Thai  
> on my home computer, and I have done Russian and Arabic on my  
> computer at work.  I don't like doing excessive key combinations,  
> especially when it would need to be done in so many words.

Depends on how the driver is configured of course.

>> It is not hardware. My hardware keyboard is the Apple standard UK
>> keyboard (same as the Apple standard US keyboard except for
>> two small
>> differences irrelevant here). If you are running Mac OS X the Irish
>> Extended keyboard (software keyboard driver) is in there.
> The "option" label is hardware.  I didn't know about that key.  Is  
> it next to the "any" key?

"option" is just what Apple called the "alt" key. In fact now there  
are two things labelled on that key on an Apple keyboard: "alt" and  
the symbol â OPTION KEY.

> Some of your characters didn't show up on my computer.

Would've been helpful to know which did.

> But on some computers, like if I read my mail at work or in a hotel  
> lobby, I can not install some other font.  What ever system we use  
> would need to work with the "default" install.

Ah, a user requirement. :-)

>>> On my PDA, those that do show up are completely different symbols.
>> That's a little too vague for me to imagine what you are seeing.
> Whether you knew more or not wouldn't change what symbol shows up on  
> my PDA.

But I might know whether it was a random symbol unrelated to the  
character I sent in my e-mail or if it were your PDA displaying the  
Unicode text correctly.

Hm I should send my IPA post to my iPhone and see what it does.

Michael Everson *

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