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RE: Correct use of retlh

DloraH ( [Hol po'wI']

> Ok so back to [retlh] and fixing my mistake of missing  
> [-Daq] off.  if I 
> wanted to translate, "I'd like a window seat, please." and 
> taking into 
> account that a Klingon would be more direct and not say 
> please I thought 
> maybe [Qorwagh retlh quSDaq vIba' vIneH].
> Although saying that with the sea shore [bIQ'a' HeH] instead 
> of [bIQ'a' HeH 
> retlh] example,  I wonder if anyone thinks that the use of 
> [retch] is also 
> redundant here. Maybe [Qorwagh quSDaq vIba' vIneH] is good enough.
> qe'San 

To me... the sea does have an edge.  If one is walking along the edge of the sea, I picture one
getting their feet a little bit wet as the water splashes about.  If one is walking at the area next
to the edge of the sea, they could be further back walking along the boardwalk.
And if you are using retlh you could probably drop the HeH.
bIQ'a' HeH - walking along the shore itself.
bIQ'a' retlh - the park-like setting and boardwalk one finds next to the shore.  Same as bIQ'a' HeH
retlh.  Hmm... maybe not.  One is next to the edge... but which side of that edge.  bIQ'a' HeH retlh
could also be the shallow wading pool like area.  You are IN the sea, but you are not out in the
deep ocean blue, you are next to the edge.
But bIQ'a' retlh would be on the land side.

Does the plane's window have a seat?  The seat is next to the window.


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