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Spanish joke

Steven Boozer (

On one of my other mailing lists, there was a Spanish joke:
- Camarero, he encontrado un pelo en la sopa y no es mío.
- Démelo, lo guardaremos por si vienen a reclamarlo.

I've translated it loosely as:

- Waiter, I've found a hair in my soup and it's not mine.
- Give it to me. We'll keep it in case someone comes to claim it.

- jabwI', chatlhDaq jIb vItu'pu' 'ej jIbwIj 'oHbe'.
- jIb HInob; wIpol.  poQmeH chaq jaHchugh vay'.

The waiter's response is giving me pause.  The last bit "we'll keep it in case someone comes to claim it" is a problem.  Can I connect the three verbs in one Klingon sentence?  Also, I'm not sure of the placement of {chaq}:

  poQmeH chaq jaHchugh vay'.
  "Perhaps someone will come (in order) to demand it."

  chaq poQmeH jaHchugh vay'.
  "Perhaps (in order) to demand it, someone will come."

Which feels more natural in Klingon?  Logically, {chaq} could refer to either verb - "perhaps someone will come" vs. "perhaps someone will demand it" - or even both verbs.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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