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Re: Spanish joke

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Steven Boozer wrote:
> - Waiter, I've found a hair in my soup and it's not mine. - Give it
> to me. We'll keep it in case someone comes to claim it.
> - jabwI', chatlhDaq jIb vItu'pu' 'ej jIbwIj 'oHbe'. - jIb HInob;
> wIpol.  poQmeH chaq jaHchugh vay'.
> The waiter's response is giving me pause.  The last bit "we'll keep
> it in case someone comes to claim it" is a problem.  Can I connect
> the three verbs in one Klingon sentence?  Also, I'm not sure of the
> placement of {chaq}:
> poQmeH chaq jaHchugh vay'. "Perhaps someone will come (in order) to
> demand it."
> chaq poQmeH jaHchugh vay'. "Perhaps (in order) to demand it, someone
> will come."
> Which feels more natural in Klingon?  Logically, {chaq} could refer
> to either verb - "perhaps someone will come" vs. "perhaps someone
> will demand it" - or even both verbs.

Perhaps the problem you're having is that there is no main verb in the 

I'd say it more directly this way:

	vItlhap. poQchugh vay', wInob.

I don't see that "coming" is an essential part of the sentence.

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