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Re: chay' "Get out of the way!" ra'lu'?

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Doq wrote:
> It's clear I'm a minority of one here, and I generally don't encourage  
> people to be minorities of one. I'm a little torn, because I  
> definitely think this horse looks pretty dead to me, and I'm tired of  
> kicking it, but I also think that people take the word {ghoS} too  
> generally, thinking of it as a generic "go" word, when Okrand really  
> seems to want to give it a relationship to a path that is genuinely  
> alien to any human word.

Be careful about applying the Okrand-wanted-this-to-be-alien idea. It 
can be over-applied.

In this instance, /ghoS/ expresses an idea that can be found in some 
human languages via the perlative case 

> That's the alien part. It's not the way we humans think.

Sure it is. We don't have a noun case for it in English, but we have 
several perfectly good prepositions that do the job: "along," "through," 
"across," not to mention "on," "in," "over," "under," and some others 
when dealing with the right prepositional object.

 > My path is not a marker after which one would name your path.

Sure it is! My path marks the starting point of your path. Your path is 
a ray starting at /HewIj/ and going /-vo'/.

      | HewIj
      |        HewIjvo'
  SoH O------------------>
      O jIH

> {jIHvo' yIghoS!} would probably be closer to what you really mean,  
> since you name paths after points on the path, or after a name the  
> path has itself. It seems weird to name a path after a different path  
> that has only one intersection point.

A path can be defined by a point and a vector. That's exactly what 
/HewIjvo' yIghoS/ does.

> I had hoped it would spark interesting ideas rather than simply bother  
> people, which seems to have been its only effect.

pagh DanuQpu'. maQoch neH.

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