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Re: News from Maltz

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Lieven Litaer wrote:

>> 1) The noun {vIlle'} means something close to "minion".  [The word
>> in English is often used to refer to a loyal or even fawning
>> servant of someone who is typically considered powerful.  Compare
>> with "henchman", who has the same general job but is usually a
>> mercenary.]
>> From wikipedia, I see that a minion is not the same as a henchman.
> Maybe not intended, but when you read {vIlle'} backwards, it sounds
> like "élève", french for "student". Not only one being taught in
> school, but also like a minion. (maybe just a coincidence?)

My guess is that it sounds like "villain," which is the sort of person 
who nearly always has minions.

> Anyway, I'm sure that a {vIlle'} is a {vIl le'} :-)


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