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Re: {vIl} (was Re: News from Maltz)

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

ghunchu'wI' wrote:
> On Jul 27, 2009, at 11:04 PM, David Trimboli wrote:
>> ghunchu'wI' wrote:
>>> 2) The noun {vIl} is hard to define.  Maltz had given a description
>>> of something which was immediately recognized as a speed bump by
>>> everyone present, but it was apparently intended not as an actual
>>> definition but as an example of something which is "just there".
>>> There is obviously an etymological relationship with and {vIlle'},
>>> which is currently the best clue we have to its true meaning.
>>> ["Groupie" and "entourage" were suggested by those present at the
>>> time, but Marc didn't think they fit.]
>> Ummm... that doesn't make any sense to me. Can you explain further?
> Consider someone who keeps showing up when you go places.  This  
> person doesn't necessarily have any particular importance to what  
> you're doing, and it wouldn't matter to you at all if he or she  
> weren't present, but the person is "just there".  That would be a {vIl}.

Oh! It's the thing your aunt gave you which you don't know what it is.

So {vIl} means "someone or something one can always find around."

> It also can describe someone who hangs around, ready to help out,  
> whether or not you need anyone to help you.  Again, it wouldn't make  
> any difference to you if the person weren't there.
> Here is a direct quote from Marc Okrand: "A {vIlle'}, on the other  
> hand, is definitely someone you want to have around -- a follower,  
> disciple, fan, admirer, minion."

tlhIngan Hol MUSH

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