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Re: News from Maltz

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

ghunchu'wI' wrote:
> As qep'a' wa'maH javDIch drew to a close on Sunday morning, Marc  
> Okrand approached a group of Klingonists eating breakfast to relay  
> the following information from Maltz.
> 1) The noun {vIlle'} means something close to "minion".  [The word in  
> English is often used to refer to a loyal or even fawning servant of  
> someone who is typically considered powerful.  Compare with  
> "henchman", who has the same general job but is usually a mercenary.]

My god. Lawrence finally got his word! I really thought Marc was going 
to tease him forever with that one.

How about "toady"?

> 2) The noun {vIl} is hard to define.  Maltz had given a description  
> of something which was immediately recognized as a speed bump by  
> everyone present, but it was apparently intended not as an actual  
> definition but as an example of something which is "just there".   
> There is obviously an etymological relationship with and {vIlle'},  
> which is currently the best clue we have to its true meaning.   
> ["Groupie" and "entourage" were suggested by those present at the  
> time, but Marc didn't think they fit.]

Ummm... that doesn't make any sense to me. Can you explain further?

> 3) There are names for the individual sounds of spoken Klingon.   
> These are not really the letters of an alphabet [though with the  
> phonetic transcription we use, the distinction is very fine].  They  
> follow a very simple pattern:  consonants' names consist of the sound  
> followed by {ay}, and vowels' names consist of the sound preceded by  
> {'} and followed by {t}.  The glottal stop sound is an exception,  
> being called {qaghwI'}, though this longish name is often eschewed in  
> favor of a simple grunt of the sound itself.
>    a : 'at
>    b : bay
>    ch: chay
>    D : Day
>    e : 'et
>    gh: ghay
>      :
>    u : 'ut
>    v : vay
>    w : way
>    y : yay
>    ' : qaghwI' (or) '

bIngo' is saved!

bay - 'It - ngay - 'ot - UNNNGH!
bay - 'It - ngay - 'ot - UNNNGH!
bay - 'It - ngay - 'ot - UNNNGH!
'ej bIngo' 'oH pongDaj'e'.

Huh. Klingons name their phonemes?

tlhIngan Hol MUSH

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