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Re: Alternatives to Code2000 PUA Klingon Font

Thorwald Peeters ( [KLI Member]

<citaat van="Michael Everson">
> On 28 Jun 2009, at 16:37, Heather Myers wrote:
>> I can't see any of these.  They turn up as empty boxes in my windows/
>> fonts
>> directory.  Even the Code 2000 font displays, but these don't.
> This could be because of the problems in the headers.

I have not seen anyone discuss Linux, other than qa'vaj.

I'm using Linux (Ubuntu 9.04 - Latest stable), and am using FontyPython to
fool the system into believing they are installed.

FontyPython recognises two fonts in each folder, one of which (the
._<fontname> one) it declares broken.

using the other one and going through the simple process of adding it to a
"pog", and then installing the "pog", I am able to choose the fonts, but
not to use them...

That is to say: When I choose them, the glyphs do not change to klingon
ones... Not sure what to do to change that, but I'll keep investigating.
The files themselves seem ok...

I just found that I installed a program called "FontForge" as well, and
will send the error report I got from loading HaSta' to Michael?

Thorwald Peeters

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