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RE: tera'Daq jIghIQvIS

Steven Boozer (

Jon Brown:
>>> "While I vacationed on Earth I visited France and Finland."
>>> tera'Daq jIghIQvIS, <vIranIS> <vInlanID> je vISuchta'
>> Why not transliterate the native name instead of the English one?
>> {veranSey} "FranÃais" even gets the emphasis on the right syllable.
>>   [...]
>> Getting a little tricky here, I think a cultured speaker of {ta'
>> tlhIngan Hol} would probably pronounce "Finland" as {vInlIN},

Mark J. Reed:
>The word franÃais means "French", not "France".  "France" in French is
>"France" - where the 'n' is not a separate sound but just makes the
>'a' nasal. {vIranIS} is probably still how it would get Klingonicized.
>  [...]
>Why abandon your native-name idea now? The Finnish word for "Finland"
>is "Suomi", which is practically perfect Hol already:  SuomIy.

lay'tel SIvten:
| I'd go with {vIraS} (or even {tlhaS) and {SuwomIy}.

Although by no means canon, Qov has made a convenient list of the Terran country names she frequently uses on her extensive Klingon blog {bo logh} at (click {puH pongmey} on the left menu.  

The direct link is 

She uses *{vIran'eS} for France and *{Su'ome} for Finland.

Personally, unless we have an official Klingon translation (e.g. {wo' tay'} for United Kingdom), I just use the English word in CAPS to indicate a "foreign" word.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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