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Re: KLBG Translation assistance

rklingonwarrior ( [KLI Member]

jatlh DloraH
"Is there any reason one couldn't call them simply "explosives" instead of "explosive ordnance"?? Are there explosives that are not ordnance?"

Yes and no.? The job does now consist of all explosive hazards: dynamite, plastic explosives, and all the wonderful varieties of homemade explosives.? So in that sense, explosives in general would be appropriate.? However, the job is a military job and the history of EOD specifically deals with ordnance ("Military materiel, such as weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, and equipment.") that contains explosives or explosive elements.? The literal translation of EOD means that we would ONLY work on explosive ordnance, in that case "Explosives Disposal" would be inaccurate.

jorwI' - explosive

Is this word a noun or an adjective?? (I remember coming to a similar problem with {bang} (love)? wanting to say "My Love" referring to my wife.)? In the sense of explosive ordnance, explosive describes what kind of ordnance specifically; so it's an adjective.? Explosive as in "C-4 is an explosive" is a noun.? In the case of changing the name of EOD to just ED, if {jorwI'} is a noun, that would work because now instead of disposing of explosive ordnance, we would be disposing of explosives.? 

Question on the root of {jorwI'}: is that -wI': doer of the action, one that does said action?? If so, would explode be {jor}?? Naturally leading to the literal translation of {jorwI'}: one (or thing) that explodes?

jatlh lay'tel SIvten
"I came up with {jorwI' polHa'wI'} (discarder of explosive(s)) or {jorwI' Qaw'wI'} (destroyer of explosive(s))."

I like the line of thought, the problem is that the title of the job is generic and refers to the entire unit, community, establishment, etc.? I would say "I am EOD", "We're EOD", "Call EOD".? That is just one of the conundrums I tripped on in coming up with this translation on my own.? By saying "-wI' " in the destruction or discarding of the explosives, it directly refers to the individual completing the job rather than the job itself.? The individual is a bomb technician or EOD team member.? I am an EOD platoon leader.? EOD is a description of a job that became the name of the job, like SWAT.? I also don't want to get too far away from the ordnance portion, because the team will dispose of the ordnance along with the explosives.? Just saying "Explosives Disposal" may?suggest the idea that the team would remove the explosives to destroy them rather than destroying the entire item.??That would be "rendering safe" instead of disposal.? I think the translation of EOD would have to be more of a description: perhaps-? {jorwI' luch Qaw'ta'} (explosive equipment destruction).? {Qaw'ta'} may be the wrong word there; (destroy) is a verb, so {Qaw'ta'} should be destroyed.? However, (destruction) is a noun, so I am not sure what that word is.? 
{chenHa'moH} "destroy (something)": could lead to?{jorwI' luch chenHa'moH}.? But that's using {jorwI'} as an adjective.? Could someone clarify if {jorwI'} is a noun or adjective?? How would one say that something has explosive qualities, ie something that could explode is explosive like something that could burn is flamable?? After all, a water heater that fails to vent is mechanically explosive rather than chemically explosive.? 

{jorneb} "warhead (of a torpedo/missile) is too specific.? That would too narrowly define the job, and using any other word similar would do the same.? We dispose of all expolsive ordnance.? In a missle, you have to dispose of the propellant and any?explosive actuators (like on a fin or something) as well as the warhead.??
jatlh Voragh:?? 
the verbs {Qotlh} "disable", {lagh} "take apart, disassemble" and {pej} "demolish".? Another useful verb is {chu'Ha'} "deactivate, disengage" for "disarm".
That could be part of the job, but falls short of the complete mission.? That's why disposal works so well.? The idea is to eliminate the explosive hazard.? That could be accomplished by plowing the whole thing up or by removing the explosives then rendering the explosives un-explodable.

Too much, I think.? That's what long days well into the night in the desert do to your brain.
Thank you to everybody who helped on this, I have some great ideas now.? But further discussion is welcome.
1LT veS joH
EOD,?FOB Marez, Iraq?

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> ... It is a job title, and "explosive ordnance" is a specific type of 

Is there any reason one couldn't call them simply "explosives" instead of 
"explosive ordnance"?  Are
there explosives that are not ordnance?

jorwI' - explosive
luch - gear, equipment

disposal - not sure what would work best in this context.  I'm on my way to 
work.  I'll poke around
with some ideas there.
Let's see what the other guys have.


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