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RE: KLBG Translation assistance

Steven Boozer (

LT veS joH:
>I want to translate "Explosive Ordnance Disposal" but I am unsure of how
>to word it. It is a job title, and "explosive ordnance" is a specific
>type of ordnance, a hyphenated word without the hyphen or a singular object
>with a two word name. The disposal part is the act of eliminating the
>explosive ordnance. It's not quite the same as "Garbage Disposal", which
>is a singular object with a two word name, like explosive ordnance, but
>the idea of the job is the disposal of explosive ordnance like the garbage
>disposal's job is to dispose of garbage. 

>> Is there any reason one couldn't call them simply "explosives" instead
>> of "explosive ordnance"?  Are there explosives that are not ordnance?

Sure:  explosives used in construction (e.g. dynamite).  

IIRC ordnance refers to weapons and related supplies (e.g. ammunition, guns, artillery, etc.) so that "explosive ordnance" would be explosives used as weapons themselves or as a component thereof.
>> jorwI' - explosive
>> luch - gear, equipment

Don't forget {jorneb} "warhead (of a torpedo/missile)" which might also refer to artillery shells, aerial bombs, etc.  I don't know if it would cover landmines and the like though.  If you want to discuss the explosive material itself (and not the specific form or container) keep in mind {Hap} "matter (substance), element":  e.g. *{jormeH Hap} or *{jorbogh Hap}.

>> disposal - not sure what would work best in this context.  

Lay'tel SIvten:
>I came up with {jorwI' polHa'wI'} (discarder of explosive(s))

{polHa'} "discard" vs. {pol} "keep, save" is perfect.  On the Bird-of-Prey Poster {Soj polmeH pa'} is used for "food storage [locker/compartment]".  This suggests *{jorneb polHa'meH Daq} for "bomb (warhead) disposal site".  
>or {jorwI' Qaw'wI'} (destroyer of explosive(s)).

{chenHa'moH} "destroy (something)": 

  It can destroy them ("It can cause them to undo their form"). TKD

Also on the BoP Poster is {chenmoHlu'meH Daq} "construction site" implying *{chenHa'moHlu'meH Daq} "de-construction site".  Cf. also the verbs {Qotlh} "disable", {lagh} "take apart, disassemble" and {pej} "demolish".  Another useful verb is {chu'Ha'} "deactivate, disengage" for "disarm".

Canon Master of the Klingons

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