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Re: KLBG Translation assistance

Doq (

Keep in mind that Klingons are a people who have a word for "weapon",  
but lack one for a "tool". I don't think they'd have separate words  
for non-weapon explosives because they likely think of them as weapons  
first, and as having a constructive function secondarily.

In other words, a Klingon would never consider using a tool as a  
weapon because they don't understand that an object could be a tool.  
They only understand that some weapons can be used in a tool-like way,  
though they don't have a word for "tool".

A human sees a claw hammer as a tool that can be used as a bludgeon. A  
Klingon sees the claw hammer as a bludgeon that can be used to hammer  

Given that, I think {jorwI'} is fine for "explosive ordinance", since  
there aren't really words here for non-ordinance objects that involve  
explosives, though there are non-ordinance uses for some explosive  

Am I saying this clearly?

I carry a knife. I think of it as a tool. If I needed a weapon, I  
probably wouldn't think of using it, because to me, it is a tool, not  
a weapon. If someone pointed it out to me, I would notice that, yep, I  
could use this knife as a weapon, but that's not why I carry it.

A Klingon sees a paper clip as a weapon. By the way, it can also hold  
pieces of paper together, whenever you aren't actively using it as a  


On Jan 26, 2009, at 10:43 AM, Steven Boozer wrote:

> LT veS joH:
>> I want to translate "Explosive Ordnance Disposal" but I am unsure  
>> of how
>> to word it. It is a job title, and "explosive ordnance" is a specific
>> type of ordnance, a hyphenated word without the hyphen or a  
>> singular object
>> with a two word name. The disposal part is the act of eliminating the
>> explosive ordnance. It's not quite the same as "Garbage Disposal",  
>> which
>> is a singular object with a two word name, like explosive ordnance,  
>> but
>> the idea of the job is the disposal of explosive ordnance like the  
>> garbage
>> disposal's job is to dispose of garbage.
> DloraH:
>>> Is there any reason one couldn't call them simply "explosives"  
>>> instead
>>> of "explosive ordnance"?  Are there explosives that are not  
>>> ordnance?
> Sure:  explosives used in construction (e.g. dynamite).
> IIRC ordnance refers to weapons and related supplies (e.g.  
> ammunition, guns, artillery, etc.) so that "explosive ordnance"  
> would be explosives used as weapons themselves or as a component  
> thereof.
>>> jorwI' - explosive
>>> luch - gear, equipment
> Don't forget {jorneb} "warhead (of a torpedo/missile)" which might  
> also refer to artillery shells, aerial bombs, etc.  I don't know if  
> it would cover landmines and the like though.  If you want to  
> discuss the explosive material itself (and not the specific form or  
> container) keep in mind {Hap} "matter (substance), element":  e.g.  
> *{jormeH Hap} or *{jorbogh Hap}.
>>> disposal - not sure what would work best in this context.
> Lay'tel SIvten:
>> I came up with {jorwI' polHa'wI'} (discarder of explosive(s))
> {polHa'} "discard" vs. {pol} "keep, save" is perfect.  On the Bird- 
> of-Prey Poster {Soj polmeH pa'} is used for "food storage [locker/ 
> compartment]".  This suggests *{jorneb polHa'meH Daq} for "bomb  
> (warhead) disposal site".
>> or {jorwI' Qaw'wI'} (destroyer of explosive(s)).
> {chenHa'moH} "destroy (something)":
>  chenHa'moHlaH
>  It can destroy them ("It can cause them to undo their form"). TKD
> Also on the BoP Poster is {chenmoHlu'meH Daq} "construction site"  
> implying *{chenHa'moHlu'meH Daq} "de-construction site".  Cf. also  
> the verbs {Qotlh} "disable", {lagh} "take apart, disassemble" and  
> {pej} "demolish".  Another useful verb is {chu'Ha'} "deactivate,  
> disengage" for "disarm".
> --
> Voragh
> Canon Master of the Klingons

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