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Re: Klingon keyboard

Lieven Litaer ( [KLI Member] [Hol ghojwI']

> Not sure about the layout, but Cherry is an American company (they make 
> switches, and builds keyboards from them). This keyboard is from a UK 
> reseller, so I'd guess it would have a UK layout

Okay, I might be wrong about the origin of Cherry, the page gave a link to
"Further information on the Cherry keyboard range can be found at the Cherry website."
an this cherry website is german...
(wikipedia gives the solution to this: it's an american company owned by a german company) 

> US keyboards are QWERTY, German ones are QWERTZ... on a US layout, the Z 
> key on the bottom row beside the left shift.

Exactly, and the picture of the klingon keyboard shows the layout as QWERTZ, since the letter Y is where you expected it..

To complete this discussion, this is the layout of this klingon keyboard:
   Q w e r t (gh) u I o p
   a S D ng gh H j (e) l
   y ch v (ch) b n m 

The (gh) in the first row fills the letter Z
The (e) in the second row fills the letter K
(this should have been lower case {q})
The (ch) in the third row fills the letter X
this should have been {tlh}, and they messed up the correct order. Or is this a US layout?

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