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Re: Internet abused by terrible tweets in Klingon!

qurgh lungqIj (

I've been working with these folks, trying to improve their translation
engine. They know that it has problems and they are working on ways for us,
the Klingon speaking community, to help improve it. The creators want to
make something that produces at least decent Klingon.
Right now they have only done a soft launch so that they can collect inputs
from users, I'm assuming so they can increase the amount of submitted
sentences in their database. At some point in the future they will allow
people like us to login and correct translations. I don't know all the
details yet though. They also hope to open-source the code in the future so
that others can build on it.


On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 2:26 AM, Christopher Doty <>wrote:

> The site linked from the article below is offering to translate your
> English into Klingon and post it to Twitter.  Except that it doesn't
> translate anything.  It just fills in the Klingon word for the English
> word.  With appalling results.  "I want to eat gagh" was rendered by
> it as <jIH neH Daq Sop gagh>.
> There is lots of disagreement on this list about various things, but I
> think we can agree on one thing: the locative suffix <-Daq> should
> never be used as a word unto itself, especially to form an infinitive
> (!!).
> Chris

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