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Re: Doctoral project on the Klingon language - bing thanks!

Agnieszka Solska ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

ja' Karolina Kazimierczak: 

>Now I've come out of the shadow once again to let 
>you know that this year I finally finished my research 
>at Lancaster University and successfully defended my 
>doctoral thesis, 

majQa'! qaHoy'!

>titled: "Translating Imaginary Aliens, 
>Transgressing Imaginary Scholars: Invented Languages 
>and the Performances of Fan/Scholarship"

chay' ghItlhvam laDlaH vay'?

>I wanted to thank you all for accepting my presence 
>on this list and for allowing me to get a glimpse of 
>what the community of Klingonists and Klingon fans is 
>(or is not).

qay'be'. batlh bIQul.

>Best wishes to you all,

batlh may'meylIj veb Daghobjaj!


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