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Re: Query on -choHmoHwI'

qe'San \(Jon Brown\) ( [KLI Member]

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>From: "Mark J. Reed" <>

>I see you're still  using {lamHa'}.  So why not {Say'}?

Before my first email I was personally using {Say'} but as I started 
thinking about what I wanted to ask I realised that we had canon use of 
{lamHa'} for "clean" in the sense of removing dirt

*TKD p170: Where can I get my shoes cleaned? - nuqDaq waqwIj vIlamHa'choHmoH

I realise that doesn't mean it's right for teeth but as there appears to me 
to be a predisposition against Klingons cleaning for the sake of it. The aim 
of what I am doing when cleening my teeth is to remove as much dirt as I can 
and I believe that follows the same idea regarding cleaning shoes.

So looking at it like that I thought I might say:

Say' Ho'Du'wIj  - for "my teeth are clean."


Ho'Du'wIj vIlamHa'choHmoH -  for "I clean my teeth."

I tried to think about what's the difference between be clean and be 
undirty.. I came to the conclusion it was like the "is the glass half empty 
or half full"question in that both apply it depends on context i.e. if I've 
been drinking from it then it's half empty and If it'd been given to me or 
I've just added to it then it's half full.

So applying that to undirty or clean I thought if my intention is to remove 
dirt then {lamHa'} was appropriate and if commenting on the resultant level 
of cleanliness then {Say'} was appropriate.

To that end regarding hygienist and toothbrush discussed earlier, maybe 
{Say'choHmoHwI'} would  describe a Hygienist and lamHa'choHmoHwI' a 
toothbrush (or similar impliment).

But I'm happy to have my mind changed on the use of {Say'} or {lamHa'}.


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