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Re: Query on -choHmoHwI'

qe'San \(Jon Brown\) ( [KLI Member]

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From: "Steven Boozer" <>

> Mark J. Reed wrote:
>>You can certainly attach -wI' to the verb to get "cleaner".  Whether
>>that's understood to mean "toothbrush" depends on context.
> naHQun:
>>I thought he meant toothpaste...
> ... or a dental hygienist!

I was thinking toothbrush but I accept without any further clarification it 
could be open to brush or hygegienist but context like me being in my 
bathroom or being at the dentist's would differentiate...

I suppose toothpaste could be included but where a hygienist or tooth brush 
could clean the teeth without anything else toothpaste would require 
something like the toothbrush, finger or hygienist to get rid of any dirt.

Shame there isn't a word for paste (at least one I'm aware of)... I wonder 
if  "thick solution" {taS jeD} would adequately describe a paste. If so 
maybe Ho'Du'  taS jeD would pass as toothpaste

"In order to clean my teeth. I use tooth brush (cleaner) and paste."

Ho'Du'wIj vIlamHa'choHmoHmeH lamHa'choHmoHwI' Ho'Du'  taS jeD je vIlo'

or if that works would thick solution on it's own be enough:

Ho'Du'wIj vIlamHa'choHmoHmeH lamHa'choHmoHwI' taS jeD je vIlo'



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