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Andrà MÃller (

Hello all,
I'm new here (though not to Klingon itself). Allow me to introduce
myself to this group, I'm Andrà MÃller from Leipzig, Germany. I'm a
student of Linguistics at the Universtity of Leipzig and I've been
studying Esperanto and Klingon both for quite a while now (Esperanto
since 2002; Klingon maybe since 1995 or so; but I speak Esperanto far
better). I also happen to be the founder of the community "klingon" on
LiveJournal. Some of you might know it...

At the moment I'm compiling a dictionary for Klingon (more for myself)
which also includes all canon sentences with cross-references; it's
practically finished by now. And I'm attempting to translate "The
Little Prince" into Klingon.

Yep, that's me. :)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me everything... I'm
looking forward to fruitful discussions.

- AndrÃ

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