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Re: Measurments

Rohan F (

ghItlhpu' lay'SIv, ja':
> vatlh DIS poH   KGT     n   century

jang Mark, ja': 
>Readily analyzable as "100-year period", so that's not really a
>separate unit.  Presumably you could also use {wa'maH DIS poH} for

Given the form of {vatlh DIS poH}, which as far as I know has only
been used without a specifying number (compare {tera' vatlh DIS poH
cha'maH wej} "the 23rd century", literally "Earth's century number
23", from S15), I would rather lean towards {maH DIS poH} for

>{SanID DIS poH} for "millennium", etc.

This (or very close to it) is actually canon, so we don't even have
to presume. {SaD DIS poH} "millennium", along with {netlh DIS poH}
"myriad, period of 10,000 years", is given by Okrand in "matlh juppu'
mu'mey" (HQv8n3).

QeS 'utlh

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