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RE: Measurments

Steven Boozer (

ja' Voragh:
>> Apparently, the honored dead who reside in Sto-Vo-Kor can't rest 
>> if the living don't honor their memory.

>leSnIS'a' Heghpu'wI' quv? taQ qechvam. leSnISbe'ba'. yo' qIjDaq
>batlh qawlu'be'chugh, chaq SuvlaHbe' Heghpu'bogh SuvwI' Do'Ha'.

chaq mu' leghbe' 'oH <<leS>>'e'.  pongchaj jatlhchugh yInwI'pu' taHlaH HeghwI'pu'e' 'e' luHar nughmey law'.  

>> Later in the episode we see an intriguing ceremony:  Kohlar leads
>> B'Elanna - who is carrying the unborn Kuvah'Magh - in a plea for
>> the dead who are called by name ("Remember A son of B. Remember X
>> daughter of Y. [etc.]").

chaq qawmeH tay 'oH tay'vam'e'.  tlhIngan vIttlheghvam yIqel:

  batlh Daqawlu'taH 
  You will be remembered with honor. ST3

naDev batlh HeghwI'pu' quv qawtaH qo'lar be'lanna je.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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