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RE: Measurments

Steven Boozer (

>>> Kohlar asked the pregnant B'Elanna, "Did you conceive
>>> during the holy month of Nay'Poq?" (VOY "Prophecy")

Mark J. Reed:
>> nay'poq?  There's a month named "dish indigestion"?

>Sounds like November, Thanksgiving, lots of food.

>>> Since the Trek writers often inserted extraneous apostrophes,
>>> this could also be a distortion of {nay} "marry (bride does
>>> this)" and {puq} "child".  Why this month is holy was not
>>> explained in the episode so who knows what the writers had in mind?

Kohlar may estimated how far along her pregnancy was and did the math in his head.  Presumably Nay'Poq has something to do with the Kuvah'Magh, a Klingon messiah/savior figure.  Later in the episode we see an intriguing ceremony:  Kohlar leads B'Elanna - who is carrying the unborn Kuvah'Magh - in a plea for the dead who are called by name ("Remember A son of B. Remember X daughter of Y. [etc.]"). Apparently, the honored dead who reside in Sto-Vo-Kor can't rest if the living don't honor their memory. 

Canon Master of the Klingons

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