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Re: qep'a' attendance

Fiat Knox (

And if, for any reason, you cannot attend, promote it.

Get me a link to a website, and I'll ensure it gets blogged regularly.

I'll also start seeing what I can do to get onto Twitter.



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--- On Fri, 24/4/09, Elizabeth Lawrence <> wrote:

> From: Elizabeth Lawrence <>
> Subject: qep'a' attendance
> To: "tlhInganHol discussion group" <>
> Date: Friday, 24 April, 2009, 4:23 PM
> I've seen indications from at least two people who have
> not attended in recent years that they plan to attend this
> year's qep'a'.  I certainly plan to attend. 
> Shall we start a list?  I do hope the qep'a' will be
> larger this year.  I'm tired of being the perpetual
> newbie, particularly as I'm planning on passing my
> beginner's exam this year.
> qep'a'Daq 'Iv tu'lu'?
> be''etlh
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