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lopno'wIj 'oH 'ej jISaQlaH jIneHchugh.

Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen ( [KLI Member]

rInta'DI' qep'a', jaj veb 'oH qoSlIj'e'
qaStaH vagh maH DIS
jIqan. net Sov
'ach... wej jIHegHbe'
toH, malopqu'

qaS qep'a' jaj Qav, mebpa'mey vImej, 'ej juHwIj vIchegh
taghrup Hoch. 'e' chenmoH be'nalwI'
Soj law' tu'lu'. tlhutlhmeH Dochmey law' tu'lu'
SaHbej nuvmey law'
lopno'Daq juppu', qonwI'pu', yab telmey, latlhpu' je qIHlu'
DungluQ tagh lopno' 'ej ramjep ghang
ramjep, qaS qoSlij, 'ej vagh maH DIS veb vItagh

bIjeSlaH. bIneH'a'
tugh paw De' latlh

When the conference is over, my birthday is the next day.
Fifty years will have passed.
I'm old.
but... I'm not dead yet.
So, let's party!

On the last day of the conference, I will leave the hotel and return  
My wife will have gotten everything ready to begin.
There'll be much food, and many things for drinking.
Many people will surely be there.
Friends, writers, psychologists, and others will be met at the party.
The party starts at noon, and ends at midnight.
At midnight, it's my birthday, and I begin the next fifty years.

You can participate. Do you want to?
More information coming soon.

Lawrence M. Schoen, Ph.D.
Author / Publisher / Psychologist / Klingonist

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