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Re: The health of the Klingon language vs the health of the KLI

James (

naHQun wrote:
> The KLI itself also seems to be dead or dieing. I don't remember the last time a new issue of HolQeD or jatmey came out.

I think it happened shortly after HolQeD went electronic and everyone's 
subscription renewals got messed up - and given some of us were unable 
to check our membership status, it sorta died out. At least, I remember 
getting the periodic "This is your last issue!" with the paper HolQeDs, 
but nothing since it went electronic to remind you to renew. I guess 
everyone else's subscription lapsed in the same way - some of us just 
arne't that diligent and need reminding.

> Personally, I haven't renewed my membership in years.

Ditto. It was only recently that the merchant page was back up, I'm 
told. But also good to know that I'm not missing any HolQeDs... I miss 

> Last month, I was contacted by a company to translate their product into Klingon.
> I'm not allowed to talk about it (although I have to some of you...), but it is to be released before the new Trek movie comes out.
> I'll of course give more details when they give me the green light.

Hrm, wonder what that could be. The entire list knows about Ultralingua 
and the TKD thing they're doing for the iPhone/iPod Touch (there was a 
call for beta testers a couple of weeks ago). I know there's about 15 
people or so beta testing (I'm one of them).

It's a fantastic product with lots of potential so far, and I think 
it'll help take some of the Star Trek momentum and get Klingon 
re-invigorated. We really ought to get the KLI prepped. I'm quite 
excited to see the final product.

It also marks the revival of the old classic, "Conversational Klingon" 
by putting it back in print... (yes, the app has a digital copy of it).

> And what can we do for the KLI itself? Do we need a new webmaster? Does Lawrence need some kind of assistant?
> Maybe more qepHommey (I'm in Indianapolis).
> I can't do much (I'm limited to mobile internet 6 days a week, and I work 6 days a week--in fact I'm at work right now), but I'm willing to do more. 

It would be good if we can get something going prior to the Star Trek 
movie. It's the one big thing that's happened in the Trek universe in 
years. And with the TKD for iPhone app, it's sure to get a small boost 
off the Trek and iPhone/iPod Touch crowd.

After the crappiness of Insurrection and the general "nothing's 
happening" with Trek since Enterprise was grounded, well, I guess people 
have moved on. The movie should help, though.


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