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The health of the Klingon language vs the health of the KLI

nahqun (

This discussion list is all but dead. I remember when it was thriving with activity.

We don't even have the automated Klingon Word of the Day (KWOTD) e-mails any more. Which means we don't get that insight into Voragh's canon database (which I enjoyed comparing with my own notes.)

The KLI itself also seems to be dead or dieing. I don't remember the last time a new issue of HolQeD or jatmey came out.

I haven't heard of any new "official" projects. I haven't heard about the old projects.

The Worlds of Translation (WoT) project hasn't been spoken of. Anyone involved?

When the Tao Te Ching (TTC) was released (late), we were told that the merchant page was down. I beleave it still is.

Personally, I haven't renewed my membership in years.

But I beleave that the language itself is still alive.

I speak in and about Klingon every day.

I just don't do it on this list.

I hope the rest of you are also active, in your own ways, in spreading the Klingon language.

What has everyone been doing? What are you doing? What would you like to be doing? --And how can we help?

Let's try to resurect this list.
Or if not, regroup somewhere else.

I'll start.

Last month, I was contacted by a company to translate their product into Klingon.
I'm not allowed to talk about it (although I have to some of you...), but it is to be released before the new Trek movie comes out.
I'll of course give more details when they give me the green light.

Now that I'm done with that, I'm resuming my pet projects of my own persoanl Klingon dictionary/encyclopedia and my Klingon Kama Sutra (KKS) project.

Most of my Klingon speaking takes place on the social network known as Twitter.
(My handle is @roneyii which means my URL is

While I'll tweet in Klingon at any given moment, a few of us have chosen the third Wednesday of each month to tweet only in Klingon.

I have helped establish two different twitter "hashtags". #kli is for any tweets about Klingons. And #tlh is for tweets in or about the Klingon language.

My tweets are forwarded to Facebook where some of you have seen and commented on them.

Where is your Klingon activity taking place?

And what can we do for the KLI itself? Do we need a new webmaster? Does Lawrence need some kind of assistant?
Maybe more qepHommey (I'm in Indianapolis).

I can't do much (I'm limited to mobile internet 6 days a week, and I work 6 days a week--in fact I'm at work right now), but I'm willing to do more. 

"We survive together as a greater whole."

I've heard of various projects off-list. I'm sure no one would mind if you spent a few minutes promoting them. Afterall, if we're not your target audience, who is?

I'm going to gt off my soapbox now. And for what it's worth, I don't really know what prompted this message in the first place.


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