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Re: chagh

Steven Boozer (

At 10:46 AM Monday 12/17/2007, Doq wrote:

>Trying to gain other insights here, I look for Klingon to have verbs
>for "toss" or "throw" to see how they might relate to "drop", and I
>find that Klingon doesn't have any of these verbs. There's {chuH}, but
>that is fairly specific about the object being thrown, and there's
>{jaD} and {woD}, but they are, again, much more specific in their
>meaning than the more generic English "throw". Similarly, {baQ}
>doesn't come close to the generic quality of "toss".

Okrand has discussed on each of these verbs in KGT:

{baQ} "toss bat'leth from one hand to the other"

KGT 60:  To twirl or rotate the bat'leth is {jIrmoH} and to toss it from 
one hand to the other (the same word is used whether left to right or right 
to left) is {baQ}.

{chuH} "throw (a spear) at, hurl (a spear) at, [to] spear [something]"

KGT 64:  The verb {chuH}, which is more accurately translated as 
"spear"--that is, "hurl a spear at", can be used only if the projectile 
being thrown is a spear or somehow resembles a spear. The object of the 
verb is the intended target: {jagh chuH SuvwI'} ("The warrior spears the 
enemy", or "The warrior throws [a spear] at the enemy").

{woD} "throw away"
{jaD} "throw around, hurl about"

KGT 91:  Food that has decayed ({raghpu'bogh Soj}, or more succinctly, {Soj 
non}--"rotten food") is food that has become inedible and must be thrown 
away, though it is sometimes given to animals. (Note that {Soj woD} 
["He/she throws the food away"], which refers to a regrettable activity, is 
very different from {Soj jaD} ["He/she throws or hurls the food in the 
manner of a projectile"], which, under certain circumstances, is considered 
a reasonable pastime.)

Of these, it appears to me as that {jaD} "throw or hurl in the manner of a 
projectile" is a pretty good match for a generic "toss" or "throw".  Or how 
is "toss" different from these?

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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