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Re: Basic grammar question

McArdle (

Another message that was sent but never arrived:

> --- QeS 'utlh <> wrote:

> ...
> Perhaps this is a reason why I find the usage odd;
> opinions differ as to what extent apposition is
> possible in Klingon. Some posters have used the
> sentence ?{Hoch Savan} "I salute you all" as their
> introduction, and I've always disliked that too (it
> reads as though it should at least have a comma:
> {Hoch, Savan} "everyone, I salute you"). S2 only
> demonstrates apposition of nouns; I would accept
> apposition with free pronouns (so {malengpu' maH
> tlhInganpu'} "we Klingons have journeyed"), but
> apposition with pronominal prefixes is a bit of a
> stretch, IMHO.

As a (the?) perpetrator of {Hoch Savan}, I'd be glad
to know how to say this more acceptably.  Would {Hoch
tlhiH Savan} serve?  Or does this run afoul of the
injunction SuStel cites against using pronouns as
nouns except for "emphasis or added clarity"?

-- mI'qey

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