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Re: Chuck

Doq (

I just saw it. Surprisingly, I could recognize what they were saying.  
Their pronunciation was better than their acting, which isn't saying  
much. So, here it is:

Early in the show, Chuck's nemesis says:

tlhIngan Hol DajatlhlaH. [He said it as if it were a question.]

to which Chuck answers:

HIja'. bIpIvqa'law'.

Later in the show, the nemesis says:

ghaj'a' yIvbeH? HIja'? ghobe'? [Note: he totally blew the  
pronunciation of {yIvbeH} and I guess he was clipping his Klingon,  
since there was no prefix on {ghaj}. His {yIvbeH} sounded like "dweb".]

Chuck replies:


He repeats {HIja'} a few seconds later, then breaks to English.

They didn't get glottal stops or pronounce their {H}s very well, but  
for normal actors not coached by Okrand, this was good stuff.


On Dec 1, 2007, at 7:22 PM, naHQun wrote:

> According to My Mother, this week's episode of "Chuck" on NBC
> contained spoken Klingon.
> I'm about to watch it on-line, and those who missed it (or don't live
> in the US) can watch it as well at:
> I'll of course post anything relavent after I'm done.
> ~naHQun
> -- 
> Modern playwrights have become obsessed with writing human
> interpretations of alien theatrical works while ignoring completely
> our own unique cultural heritage.~Bashir; "The Die is Cast" (DS9)

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