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Re: I'm thankful for ...

Steven Boozer ([email protected])

> >

nuQum qa'pIn qorghon puqloD, q'meQ tuq:
>As a test of my knowledge, I'll attempt to translate the first turkey's

"They will sing songs of our glorious drumsticks."

>{'uSmeyma' 'ey, bIHmo' bommey bom chaH}

Since the turkeys are actually speaking, {-ma'} "our" for beings capable of 
using speech is entirely appropriate... and funny.

We now know that {'uS} refers to legs of people.  Use {gham} - note BTW the 
similar-sounding {ghab} "meat from midsection of animal" - or {HajDob}:

   ... the usual word for the leg of an animal, when prepared as food,
   is {gham} ("limb"), the same word used for the leg of the living animal.
   A leg served as food at a banquet in an upper-class household, however,
   is likely to be called a {HajDob}, an old word for "limb". In another
   context, such as a meal with warriors in a ship's {SopwI'pa'} ("mess
   hall"), only the term {gham} will be heard.  [KGT 42]

though we did hear {to'baj 'uS lughoDlu'bogh} "stuffed tobbaj legs" twice 
in PK, which pre-dated KGT.
Either way, use the plural suffix for body parts {-Du'}.

Also, you don't need the redundant pronoun.  Put the suffix {-mo'} on the 
noun or quality.

>I wasn't sure what root to choose for "glorious" so I chose "delicious"

I'd use {Dun} "be wonderful, be great" - associated with songs of glory:

   ta'mey Dun, bommey Dun.
   Great deeds, great songs. TKW

So all together:

   ghamDu'ma'mo' Dun, bommey bom chaH.
   Because of our great drumsticks, they will sing songs.

   Dunmo' HajDobDu'ma', bommey bom chaH.
   Because our drumsticks are great, they will sing songs.

or simply

   ghamDu'ma'mo' Dun, bom chaH.
   Because of our great drumsticks they will sing.

   Dunmo' HajDobDu'ma', bom chaH.
   Because our drumsticks are great, they will sing.

or even more simply:

   ghamDu' Dun, bommey Dun.
   HajDobDu' Dun, bommey Dun.
   Great drumsticks, great songs!

And while we're on the topic, one of the turkeys might have added <<{batlh 
wIqawlu'taH}>> "We will be remembered with honor!"  <g>

cha'leS yupma' yItIv!

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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