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Re: I'm thankful for ...

QeS la' ([email protected])

ghItlhpu' lay'tel SIvten, ja':
>X makes me want to thank.
>X causes that I want to thank.


>jItlho' vIneHmoH X.

ghobe'. {jItlho' muneHmoH X} "X makes me want to thank". The causative 
suffix demotes the subject of the non-causative verb to object position, but 
the pronoun prefix must change accordingly, so watch out for that.

Anyway, I suspect that this is a bit too literal and wordy a translation of 
the English. ghunchu'wI''s suggestion of {mutlho'moH X} "X causes me to 
thank" works fine, and I also really like his {X-mo' jItlho'} "I thank 
(someone) because of X". I think the impersonal, null-object version of 
{tlho'} captures the sense of "be thankful" very well - plus, you could use 
{-mo'} here on either a noun or a full sentence:

{qorDu'wIjmo' jItlho'} "I'm thankful for my family"
{Soj 'ey wISoplaHmo' jItlho'} "I'm thankful that we can eat good food"


QeS la'
taghwI' pabpo' / Beginners' Grammarian

not nItoj Hemey ngo' juppu' ngo' je
(Old roads and old friends will never deceive you)
     - Ubykh Hol vIttlhegh

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