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Re: narghpu' 'eb: "Inventor of Klingon to lecture at MWC"

Agnieszka Solska ([email protected]) [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

lab ghunchu'wI':

>Mary Washington College-Daq SoQ jatlhpu' Marc Okrand.
>'ISqu' qellaw' De':
>"When Marc Okrand created the Klingon language for a movie back in 1984, he 
>never thought anyone else would use it. But when he met a Polish 
>linguistics professor at a conference in Belgium two years ago, the only 
>way they could communicate was by speaking his invented language."
>lachba' ja'wI'.  English jatlhchu' 'ISqu'...'ej tlhIngan Hol jatlhchu'be' 

maqIHchuqDI' DIvI' Hol wIjatlh.

QonoSvaD lutmey qonDI' QonoS qonwI'pu' (=journalists) pIj lach. lachbe'chugh 
DalchoH lut 'e' luHar. (chaq lugh  {{:-)  )


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