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Re: narghpu' 'eb: "Inventor of Klingon to lecture at MWC"

Christian Einfeldt ([email protected])

On Saturday 22 November 2003 09:19, Alan Anderson wrote:
> Mary Washington College-Daq SoQ jatlhpu' Marc Okrand.
> 'ISqu' qellaw' De':
> "When Marc Okrand created the Klingon language for a movie back in
> 1984, he never thought anyone else would use it. But when he met a
> Polish linguistics professor at a conference in Belgium two years
> ago, the only way they could communicate was by speaking his
> invented language."

Very cool! 

I'm probably typical of most Trekkors in that I like ST because it 
portrays a future of peace and prosperity with justice on earth.  I'm 
excited about helping with the localization of Klingon on because of a scenario exactly like that described 
above.  I can imagine that as Klingon becomes more popular 
internationally, it will be a means of mutual commonality between 
different Terran nation-states. can help speed the 
growth of Klingon, which is why I am a subscriber to this list.  

I think that this story is interesting enough that I am going to post 
it on a couple of the lists as well.  I think that 
people on both lists really have a lot in common: bringing diverse 
peoples together in mutual respect and interest. 

Christian Einfeldt

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