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Re: Do'meHghach

> >>> SoS chIm 'oH puq SoS lIw'e' net ghItlh.

> >> In what klingon source is this written?
> >> This human sentence can't be used to determine how a klingon uses chIm.
> >> I'm not saying chIm can't be used this way; I'm saying we don't know.

> > It comes from TNG "Parallels", where Worf asked Deanna Troy to be
> > Alexander's *So'chIm* in the event that anything happened to him.
> >
> > Although it was spelled *so'chim* in the captions, most have assumed the
> > writers meant *{SoS chIm} - though why they wanted to call her an
> > "empty/deserted/uninhabited mother" is beyond me.
> >
> > Was this a look-up error?  {chIl} "lose, misplace" is listed next to
> > {chIm}: Were they trying to say (ungrammatically, as usual) *{SoS chIl}
> > a "lost" mother?

>We all know we can't always break words apart like this.
>I've always thought of it as nothing but So'chIm, a word all of it's own.
>The word for "animal" does not mean "Come on, we fire them."
>Does "data transceiving device" really mean "It's being smooth"?

Of course not.  And no one is suggesting that *So'chIm* has anything to do 
with with the verb {So'} "hide, conceal, cloak".   Or with the verb 
{He'So'} "stink" or the noun {rIvSo'} "embassy", both of which also contain 
the element *{So'}.

OTOH it's not unreasonable to expect that a word having to do with some 
type of surrogate, foster or - dare I say? - honorary mother might actually 
be related to {SoS} "mother".

For all we know, actor Michael Dorn might have mis-remembered or 
mis-pronounced *SoSchIm*.  We don't actually know where "SO'CHIM" in the 
closed captions came from.  It may have actually been in the script; then 
again, it may have been added by the captioner trying to record what s/he 
heard actor Michael Dorn say.  As I understand the process, sometimes the 
captioners are provided with copies of the shooting script, and sometimes 
they aren't and have to transcribe what they hear.

And on an unrelated note:  Does anyone know whether Marc Okrand still works 
for the Closed Captioning Institute?  (That's in Washington, isn't it?)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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