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Re: Do'meHghach

> > SoS chIm 'oH puq SoS lIw'e' net ghItlh.

>In what klingon source is this written?
>This human sentence can't be used to determine how a klingon uses chIm.
>I'm not saying chIm can't be used this way; I'm saying we don't know.

It comes from TNG "Parallels", where Worf asked Deanna Troy to be 
Alexander's *So'chIm* in the event that anything happened to him.  (To be 
asked to become one is supposedly a great honor, like nearly every Klingon 
personal request! <g>)  Obviously this is a sort of surrogate 

Although it was spelled *So'chIm* in the captions, most have assumed the 
writers meant *{SoS chIm} - though why they wanted to call her an 
"empty/deserted/uninhabited mother" is beyond me.

Was this a look-up error?  {chIl} "lose, misplace" is listed next to 
{chIm}: Were they trying to say (ungrammatically, as usual) *{SoS chIl} a 
"lost" mother?

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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