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Re: Return (again)

Am 29.09.2002 08:53:42, schrieb

>I have returned again to try to learn Klingon.
Oh, great. Nice to read you again here. Maybe you remember me. I was gone for a while, too.
But now I'm back :-)

batlh tlhIngan Hol Daghojjaj!

>Is there an error when he says 1200?  It sounds like he's saying 2100 (cha'mach wa' vatlh, not 
wa'mach cha' vatlh).
Yes, there's an error. You should visit, there you find (I think all) 
errors "Okrandian Sources".

>Also what happens about fractions?
>I had an idea that tenths would be machHom. so a half would be vagh machHom.  
>Is this correct?or is there a different system.
    We know nothing about fractions, besides the word {bID} "half", but that doesn't sound like 
mathematics (now everyone disagrees, an they're right, it is math). I think that Maltz gave us 
the word while describing a "half deck" {bID choQ}, not while talking about mathematics.
    There is a suffix for multiples (-logh) like in {cha'logh} "twice, two-times", so maybe there 
is a unknown suffix for divisions? Noone knows. (In english, there is something like that: the "-

DloraH said:
>We don't know how to do [fractions] but we do have the word /vI'/ "decimal
>point", and the word /vatlhvI'/ "percent"
That's right.

>Klaa:  ghoSmeH yIpegh.  cha'maHvagh vatlhvI' Hong, QIt yIghoS
> (Stealth approach.  Slow to one-quarter impulse power.)
literally: 25 percent impulse power

>wejvatlh loSmaH loS vI' vagh wej 'uj 'aD Duj
>Length: 120 M
literally: 344.53 'uj
(threehundred fourty four point five three 'uj)

>loSmaH jav vI' Soch loS 'uj 'ab meH
>Bridge Height: 16.28 M
literally: 46.74 'uj
(fourty six point seven four)

I'm pointing on this because many terran cultures would read this 6.74 as "six point seventy-
four", others say it like in klingon: "six point seven four".

qay'be' ;-)

>Ian Wilkinson

Quvar.        m

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