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Re: intransitives & /-moH/

> > ok, i understand.  i think it was a bad example of /choH/ being
> > intransitive then, because the verb actually used is /choHmoH/. 
> > otoh, apparently there is some controversy about transitives
> > with /-moH/, so on the conservative side,
> > *all* verbs with /-moH/ are intransitive without it.  true?
> Untrue, as the /choH/ example shows.  Also untrue, as TKD's /HIQoymoH/
> example shows.

First, when discussing klingon one shouldn't use words like ALL, NONE, ALWAYS, 

There are some exceptions, like choH.

As stated in another message, a trans verb can also be used intrans.  You can 
eat something specific,  or you can eat in the general sense without specifying 
an object.  jISop.  qagh vISop.

Qoy is trans.  But as mentioned, it can be intrans.  jIQoy.  targh vIQoy.

Back to an example similar to the one above,
 choQoymoH.  "You cause me to hear."
I'm not hearing anything specific; I hear in the general sense.  jIQoy.
In this particular example, Qoy is being used intrans.

The controversy is when one trys to keep a trans verb as trans even when there 
is -moH on it, instead of using it as intrans with a -moH.  Does this make 

So while playing it safe, avoiding the trans with -moH controversy, if you want 
to conjure up a rule, you could say that a verb with -moH is intrans or at 
least being used as intrans while the -moH is on there.
... with exceptions.  :P

DloraH, BG

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