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RE: direct / indirect object

QantoH wrote:
> > yoSmey HopDaq maghIQ.
> >
> > My translation for this is: We go on holiday in areas, that are far away.
> >
> > But why does the author use the prefix ma-?
> > yoSmey HopDaq is the indirect object, right?
> > So, do you only change the prefix if there's a direct object?

>/yoSmey HopDaq/ is a locative.  It describes where the action takes place.
>maghIQ  -  We go on a vacation.
>where?  yoSmey HopDaq  -  at far away places.
>ghIQ doesn't take an object.

{ghIQ} means "vacation, take a vacation" (i.e. "be on vacation"), not "go 
on vacation to [somewhere]".  Examples from "Conversational Klingon":

   Qo'noSDaq bIghIQ'a'?
   Are you vacationing on Kronos?

   HIja', Qo'noSDaq jIghIQ.
   Yes, I'm vacationing on Kronos.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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