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Re: pets

I remember the episodes very well, in the scene with the image of worf's
targ, worf says ' it is a klingon targ! my childhood pet!' to which tasha
replies ' it's a kitty cat?' the targ disappears and the image of her very
terran cat leaps onto the console.
You are totally right about her homeworld flashback, cat was indeed terran,
but not the same cat as on the bridge, who cares though, datas cat spot has
been many species in the years since it's introduction.

Original Message
From: "Stephan Schneider"<>
Subject: Re: pets
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 16:06:37 +0200

>>>  >{targh}
>>>>This is a pet that I have always thought to be dog-like.  However, Tasha
>>>>described (the image of) Worf's targ as a kitty-cat, so who knows.  A
>>>Who knows what cats look like on Tasha's homeworld?? :-)
>>>chaq *taSa juHqo'Daq tlhIngan targhmey rur vIghro'mey.
>>Wasn't Tasha human?  Even if she wasn't born on Earth, I'd expect 
>>her to know what a Terran cat was.  Hmm.
>vIghro' 'uch ghaH juHqo' qawtaHvIS 'e' vIqaw.
>i remember a scene when she remembered her homeword and i remember 
>that she held a cat, but i can be wrong.

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