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Re: lugh

Quvar wrote:

>Okay, to stay with klingon, is it then right to say this:
>jatlh HoD: Qo'noS yIghoS!
>    "Captain says: set a course for Kronos!"

"Proceed to Kronos!"  Other ways of ordering a change in course:

   He chu' yIghoS!
   He chu' ghoS!  (clipped)
   Follow a new course! TKD

   He chu' ghoS. DIvI' neHmaH!
   New course. Federation neutral zone. ST3

   nImbuS wej maghoS, He yInab!
   Plot course for Nimbus III.
   ("We're going to Nimbus III. Plot a course!") ST5

I would have expected {nImbuS wej wIghoS} here, on the model of {yuQ 
wIghoStaH} "We are proceeding toward the planet" in TKD (p.28).

   HIvHe yIchoHmoH!
   Alter the attack course! ST5

   He pagh-pagh-vagh-jav-pagh-jav yInab!
   Plot course (ST5 notes)

   He pagh-pagh-pagh-DoD-cha' yInab!
   Plot course zero-zero-zero, mark two. ST5

>jatlh DeghwI': lu'. Quv pagh-pagh-pagh.
>    "Helmsman says: Okay. Coordinates 0-0-0..."
>jatlh HoD: 'ach He muj 'oH.
>    "Captain says: but that's the wrong course!"
>jatlh DeghwI': ghobe'. He lugh 'oH. bImuj SoH.
>    "Helmsman: No. It's the right course. *YOU* are wrong."
>jatlh HoD: reH lugh HoD.
>    "Captain says: The captain is always right!"
>Now I've couvered four ideas with two words. lugh'a'?


Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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